The American visa is one of the most difficult and difficult to obtain visas. It consists of several stages, one of which is the completion of the DS-160 questionnaire and translate english to hindi. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? In fact, everything is a little more complicated …

Filling out DS-160 is the first step in obtaining a US visa, without which you will not get an appointment at the consulate. The peculiarity of this questionnaire is that it is filled out only online within 75 minutes. An important point – everything is filled in English. If this may be difficult, then you can contact a special agency that will complete the online questionnaire for you. All you need to do is fill out the form in Russian, a sample of which we have attached at the end of the article.

If you do not want to spend money on agency services, then below we have briefly tried to outline the main points that you need to know before filling out an online questionnaire.

What documents and data need to be prepared in advance (everything must be in Latin):

Internal passport

International passport

Digital photography (5×5)

Previous US visas (if applicable)

Information about the place of work/study

Personal information about spouse and parents

Information about military service (if any)

What awaits you in the questionnaire itself?

The questionnaire contains 6 conditional sections:

Personal information

In this section, you fill in all your personal data – passport data (full name, including previous names and surnames; date of birth; marital status, etc.); contact information (phone, mail, social networks, registration address, etc.) and translate spanish to english.

Travel information

Here you select the type of visa you are requesting; fill in the theoretical data about the trip (place, time, date); purpose of the trip; previous US visas; visa denials (if any).

U.S. Contact information

If you have no relatives in the United States, and no one has sent you invitations, then you indicate the details of the hotel (theoretical). If your friend, relative, or a certain company sent you an invitation (or simply there are), then you indicate their full name, address and telephone number.

Information about relatives (Family information)

Here you fill in the details of close relatives in the United States (if any).

Information about the place of work / study (Work / education / training information)

The most important part of the questionnaire (basically, it is on it that the decision to issue a visa is made). Here you fill in your entire work, educational history for the last 5 years (with documentary evidence).

Security and background information

This section asks questions about your medical records, criminal record (if any), and other safety issues.

This is the minimum you need to know if you are considering a trip to the US. As promised, a sample questionnaire in Russian.

Filling out an application for a US visa

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