Manila is a huge city made up of 16 districts. Each of them has its own unique character and offers its own attractions. Let’s take a look at some of Manila’s most famous neighborhoods with tagalog to english paragraph translator.

Intramuros is the historic district of Manila, which is located in the city center. Many attractions are located here, including the Santiago Fortress, the Catholic Cathedral of San Agustin and the Casa Manila Museum. Also in Intramuros, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the old town and walk along the streets, where you can see beautiful buildings in the Spanish style.

Malate is a district located in the south of Manila. It is home to many universities, restaurants, shops and nightclubs. Malate is also home to the beautiful Rizal Park, where you can relax and enjoy nature.

Bingambi is one of the newer areas of Manila and is located in the east of the city. Here is located the largest mall in Manila – SM Megamall, where you can find many shops, restaurants and cinemas. Bingambi is also home to the Philippine History Museum, where you can learn more about the culture and history of the Philippines.

Makati is a district located in the northeast of Manila. There are many restaurants with, shops and nightclubs here. Makati is also the business center of Manila and home to many international companies.

Pasay is an area that is located in the southeast of Manila, near the Ninoy Aquino Airport. Here is the largest shopping center in the Philippines – SM Mall of Az, where you can find many shops and restaurants. Also in Pasay there are many hotels of various levels of comfort, which are popular with tourists arriving in Manila.

Quebec is an area located in the northeast of Manila. It is home to many attractions including the Ayuala Museum of Art, the Fort Santiago Museum and the National Museum of the Philippines. Quebec is also home to many universities, restaurants and shops.

Greater Manila
Greater Manila is an area that includes several cities, including Manila. There are many attractions here, including parks, museums, theaters and shopping malls. Greater Manila is also the center of transportation infrastructure, where many bus and train stations can be found.

The main areas of Manila: where to live and what to see

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