In fact, there is no language and english to hindi translation that is very easy to learn. Everything will depend on your level of foreign language proficiency, knowledge of any other languages ​​and, in fact, your desire to learn. But you can disassemble the language into its components, and thereby understand which part is more difficult, and which one can be given easier. What we will do now.

In terms of phonetics, Italian is quite melodic and there are not often phrases in it that are difficult to pronounce. In this case, the accent will need to work well.

It has a lot of roots that have passed into Italian from Latin, but they are basically recognizable. This means that Italian belongs to the Romance group of languages, and its grammatical structure is similar to French or Spanish, for example.

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But in grammar, this language is not so simple: a lot will have to be memorized and “memorized”. It is not very possible to draw parallels with other languages and japanese to english. Italian has six past tenses, the presence of several types of articles, the choice of which is related to the number, gender of nouns and the initial sound of words. But if you have previously studied languages ​​close to it (French or Spanish), then it will be easier for you.

But overall, Italian is one of the easiest languages ​​to learn. In this language, the shortest alphabet is only 21 letters. And 5 additional letters – X, Y, K, J, W – are used to show loanwords.

More practice – better result
Despite the difficulties of learning, modern methods will help you quickly master the basics of the Italian language. But do not forget about the practice, which plays one of the important roles in the study of any language in general.


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