Let your little traveler pack his own backpack with tagalog to english paragraph translator and carry it aboard the aircraft. He’ll love being on his own! Another plus: less lugging for parents.

Tell your child the rules of conduct on the flight. To avoid misunderstandings, it is better to know that it is not necessary to jump out of the seat, run around the cabin unaccompanied is dangerous, and disturb the passengers is impolite. And most importantly – no kicking the front seat!

Some parents try to tire their infant as much as possible before the flight, so that in the passenger seat he is not active. This is not the best way. It is better to let the child sleep and feed him the usual food before the flight.

Do not forget to bring a mini first aid kit with basic medications and adhesive tape just in case.

The necessary items for the child is better placed in a separate bag and kept within easy reach.

Go to the airport with a temporary supply. The check-in and screening process for the whole family may require more time. But they will surely let you in without a line at the boarding gate!

At the airport you can use the mother and baby room and the playground with https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-hindi in the departure lounge for free.

7 tips from experts on how to prepare for a flight with kids

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