This is the most common method. It is aimed not at teaching, but at mastering a foreign language and english to marathi. All attention is paid to colloquial speech, and theory is practically absent. The purpose of the communicative approach is to teach a person to think in another language. This helps to avoid the common problem of “translating in your head” when you first imagine a word in your native language, mentally translate it into a foreign language, and only then speak out loud. With the communicative method, the use of the native language is minimized[1]. The advantages of this technique:

Numerous materials and methods of practice (not only textbooks, but any publication in a foreign language, magazines, newspapers, serials, communication with native speakers, etc.);
Discussion of current, life situations that cause students’ enthusiasm;
No language barrier due to regular communication[2].
The communicative method has gained such popularity for a reason. It is interesting and allows students to quickly achieve results. If your goal is to speak a foreign language, then this is definitely your approach. Communicate as much as possible, but don’t forget about vocabulary and grammar. In the communicative methodology, they are also worked with, although not as actively as in others.

Communicative method

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